Women’s Health & Birthing Center

The Women’s Health & Birth Center at Clarion Hospital offers inpatient, as well as outpatient, care to women with various health conditions.  Often referred to as a maternity unit, the Women’s Health & Birthing Center also accommodates women recovering from gynecological and/or urological surgery.

The Birthing Center is comprised of four Labor and Delivery Suites.  Labor and Delivery Suites allow women to labor, deliver and recover without being shuffled from room to room.  They are designed to be comfortable with a homelike environment.

The Labor and Delivery Suites are often used for outpatient testing as well.

Our Nursery is a high-security area, accommodating as many as 10 babies.

There are 7 patient rooms that make up the Women’s Health & Birth Center.  This is where postpartum mothers and women having gynecological procedures stay.

The Women’s Health & Birth Center is proud to have the services of a board-certified lactation consultant. Jayme Baumcratz, RN, BSN, IBCLC, has been an obstetrical nurse at Clarion Hospital since 2001.  We added a Certified Lactation Counselor in 2106, Sue Songer RN, CLC has been an OB nurse at Clarion Hospital since 2001..  Breastfeeding Classes are held for expectant moms helping with a smooth transition into breastfeeding.

Our lactation consultant facilitates a weekly Mom & Baby Breastfeeding Support Group that welcomes all breastfeeding mothers, regardless of where they delivered.  Held from 11:00 am until noon in the Board Room across from the East Side Café.

Lactation Consultation Services are offered one on one for mothers who plan to breastfeed.

Prenatal Classes are instructed by Sue Songer, R.N. Sue has been an obstetric nurse at Clarion Hospital since 2001. Please call your OB/GYN office to schedule your classes.

Safe Haven Law– If you are pregnant, and not prepared to be a mom, and feel you have not one to turn to, there are options.  It is difficult to plan for a baby.  Sometimes circumstances beyond our control make it impossible to take care of a newborn.  Thankfully there are options.  Through the Safe Haven program, parents who feel they cannot take care of their infant may take it to a Safe Haven facility.  This is a legal, discrete way to relinquish care of your child to a safe organization and give it a brighter future.  The employees at these facilities understand the difficult decision you have to make, and assist you without any judgment or chastising.  For more information, log onto www.secretsafe.org or call 1-866-921-SAFE.

To schedule a tour of the Women’s Health & Birth Center at Clarion Hospital, call Tammy Hartle, manager and RN., (814) 226-3405.