What is Upper Bronchoscopy?

BRONCHOSCOPY – is a procedure for diagnosing problems in the lungs. It allows the physician to examine the passageways in the lungs by direct exam and can also clear excessive mucous out your lungs to ease any difficulty breathing.

What to Expect

Prior to the test you will not be allowed to have anything to eat or drink after midnight. You will have sedation for the procedure so you will need someone to drive you home. When you arrive in Special Procedures you will have an IV started, a health history taken and be connected to an EKG monitor. You may have a breathing treatment prior to the exam which will numb the back of the throat. The procedure will either be done in Special Procedures or you will be transported to x-ray to have fluoroscopy aide the physicians’ visualization. A flexible bronchoscope will be passed through your mouth or nose through the trachea and then into your lungs. Local anesthetics (medications) are given prior to the exam to numb your mouth, nose and throat. You will be able to breathe normally during the test. Tissue samples may be taken with a small biopsy forcep or brushings from the lining of the lungs for diagnostic purposes.

What Happens After

After the procedure you will be taken to the recovery area and once you are awake, stable and drinking fluids you will be allowed to go home. Post procedure you may feel drowsy, have a cough and cough up small amounts of blood. You will resume normal activities the following day.