Visiting Hours


Updated September 13, 2021

Clarion Hospital Limited Visitation Policy – Due To Covid-19

Visitors will be stopped at the hospital entrance, be screened for symptoms, be given an identification badge, and directed to the appropriate area of the hospital.

          Please note hospital entrance hours:

          Monday – Saturday 6:00am – 6:00pm

          Sunday – Closed (please enter through the Emergency Department)

Non-suspected COVID patient’s visitor policy:

Visiting Hours:

11:00 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Note: Specialized care areas may have modified visitation schedules.


  • One (1) person may accompany a patient having a procedure or surgery. This person will be directed into the patient’sroom or a specific room/ waiting area in the hospital and may stay until briefed by the physician after completion of the case and patient is discharged.


  • Any patient coming in for a procedure with a planned admission after the procedure may have someone accompany them to the pre procedure area. Once contact information has been obtained from the visitor the visitor must exit the hospital. The physician or hospital staff will contact visitor by phone after the procedure.  The visitor will then follow general visitation guidelines.


  • For patients seeking emergency care , staff will obtain a phone number of a support person and call when the patient has been placed in the treatment room; one support person may join them at that time.  If space permits the support person may wait in the waiting room.
  • A parent or designee may remain with a minor or a patient who is incapable of making their own decisions and be screened appropriately..


  • One (1) person may accompany a patient receiving outpatient care if that person is necessary for the patient to be assisted and receive care safely.


  • Visitors may be permitted with provider order.


  1. Exception: End of Life Visitation
    1. All virtual forms of visitation should be offered and considered before allowing in-person visitation (i.e., Facetime, tablets, etc.).
    2. Clergy are encouraged to coordinate telephonic or video sessions between patient and family.
    3. Requirements for an End of Life visit
      1. Comfort Measures Only (CMO) order
      2. End of Life visitation order (may be placed by any provider caring for patient)
      3. Actively dying
      4. Cannot be transferred out of the hospital
    4. While not required, consultation from palliative care service (if available) should be considered strongly.
    5. Visitors must coordinate time of their visit with healthcare providers on patient’s floor.
    6. Visitation is at discretion of the attending provider, care team, and nurse manager (if there is conflict within the team or conflict with visitors on the decision to allow visitation, Leslie Walters, Chief Nursing Officer, will be notified).
    7. Visitors will be limited to 1-2 designated family members. Household contacts of the patient must be outside their own quarantine window (14 days after their last exposure to any known COVID-19 case, including the hospitalized patient).
    8. The primary provider or a designated alternative must discuss the risks of visitation with the proposed visitors. Visitors must sign the informed consent document, outlining the risks they are accepting and the procedures they agree to follow.
    9. Visits within a patient’s room.
      1. Visitors will don PPE with gown, gloves, eye protection, and a facemask.
      2. Staff will assist visitors with both donning and doffing.
      3. Visitors are not permitted during aerosol-generating procedures.
      4. Visitors will wash their hands immediately after removing PPE.
      5. Visitors may choose to visit from outside the patient’s room instead.
        1. Visitors may view the patient through the glass window or doors.
        2. Doors must remain closed.
        3. Visitors may call the patient from the phone outside the room.
    10. If consulted, the palliative care service may also assist in planning
    11. Discontinuation of life-sustaining medications (resulting from a CMO order) may be delayed to permit visitation before death.

Please note that Clarion Hospital does not permit latex balloons due to a high number of patients with latex allergies.  Mylar balloons are acceptable.