The American Diabetes Association estimates that nearly 26 million adults and children have diabetes.  At least 7 million people don’t know this yet.  Education is the best way to prevent pre-diabetes, advancement to diabetes, as well as helping those diagnosed with diabetes to manage their disease and prevent complications.

The diabetic education program at Clarion Hospital is dedicated to education of individuals who have diabetes.  We see people who are newly diagnosed, or who have been managing their diabetes for some time.  We specialize in education related to Type I (insulin-dependent), Type II (those who can manage with medications), and pre-diabetics, whose blood sugars are high and who are at risk.

Diabetes Management

Our program teaches diabetics and their loved ones about the disease process, glucose monitoring,  medication management, lifestyle changes, exercise, nutritional management, and sick day guidelines.  We can meet with patients individually or in a classroom environment.

Physician referrals are necessary,  Please have your doctor fax an order to 814-226-1972.

To register for Diabetes Education Classes  
call 814-226-3488.

Diabetes Education Class Dates & Times

May :   21,23,28,30                5 PM – 7 PM
June  :  18,20,25, 27              5 PM -7 PM
July:  23,25,30, and 8/1        2 PM -4 PM
August 20,22,27,29               5 PM -7 PM
September 17,19,24,26        2 PM-4 PM
October 22,24,29,31              2 PM – 4 PM
November 18, 19, 21, 22       2 PM – 4 PM
December 10,11,12,13          2 PM- 4 PM

Diabetes Education Direct Line

Gretchen Frye, R.N., BSN – Program Coordinator

Dietitian Direct Line

Mary Obenreder, M.S., R.D., LDN