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Because the patient has a need, we have a job.
Because the patient has a choice, we must be a better choice.
Because the patient has sensibilities, we must be considerate.
Because the patient has urgency, we must be flexible.
Because the patient has high expectations, we must excel.
Because the patient has influence, we have the hope of more patients.
Because of the patient…WE EXIST!
– Author Unknown 


Clarion Hospital is an 70-bed acute care facility with 10 skilled nursing beds known as the Transitional Care Center.  The hospital is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association.  The hospital provides a full spectrum of services ranging from inpatient to ambulatory outpatient. 

Our Nursing Department Consists of:

  • 39 Medical/Surgical beds 
  • 8 Intensive Care beds 
  • 4 LDR suites 
  • 11 Post-Partum/OB/Gyn beds 
  • 10 nursery cribs 
  • 14 Ambulatory Surgery beds 
  • 2 Endoscopy Procedure rooms with 5 Special Procedure beds 
  • 8 Acute Inpatient Rehab beds 
  • 5 Operating Rooms 
  • 7 Post Anesthesia Care Bays 
  • 24-hour Emergency Department with 9 Observation/Examination Areas 
  • Cardiopulmonary, which provides for EKG, Respiratory Therapy, Cardiac Stress Testing and Sleep Lab 
  • Central Supply 
  • Cancer Center with 9 bays

Our Nurse Management Team Consists of:

CNO, Cancer Center, Med/Surg, ICU, Emergency, Operative, Support, Cardiopulmonary, Quality Improvement, Women’s Health and Birth Center Managers, Acute Rehab, and Nursing Supervisors. 
Clarion Hospital has been a teaching facility for many years.  Students include Osteopathic medical students, residents and interns. Also included are other health care professionals such as Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, EMTs, paramedics, anesthesia, physical and occupational therapy students and allied health high school students.

The Strengths of the Nursing Department Include:

  • Compassionate, caring staff 
  • Good Teamwork 
  • Good Attitudes, all of us are here for one reason, the patient 
  • Dependable 
  • Family oriented / friendly place 
  • Loyalty 
  • Knowledgeable 
  • Everybody gets along 
  • Different personalities – everyone has something to add 
  • Verbalize what we think 
  • Strong nurses that want to do well 
  • Everybody cares about the patients and each other 
  • Always learning new things 
  • Communication 

Clarion Hospital is proud to have more than 200 staff members who are part of the nursing team.  This includes Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Unit secretaries, Nursing Assistants, and Technicians.

Nursing Benefits

Clarion Hospital offers you… 

  • Competitive market salary and shift differential 
  • Excellent medical, dental and vision benefits that are flexible 
  • Daycare 
  • Discounted memberships to the YMCA through the Healthy Friends program 
  • High tech working environment 
  • Flexible hours and shifts 
  • Float pool positions 
  • Per diem positions 
  • Cafeteria discount 
  • Staff parking is available at no cost 
  • Annual Service Award Recognition Dinner 
  • Medical Library for personal and professional use 
  • Credit Union services are available through Clarion Ionized Federal Credit Union. 
  • Direct deposit to checking or savings 
  • Mileage reimbursement for business miles driven to and from educational programs 
  • Continuing Education Opportunities: 
  • Tuition Assistance is available 
  • Continuing Education to Seminars and Programs 
  • Annual training is provided through Health Stream, an enhanced computerized program.