Materials Management

Clarion Hospital
1 Hospital Drive
Clarion, PA 16214
(814) 226-9500 – Main

Materials Management Team

Preston Hall, Director
(814) 226-1305

Michelle Deitz, Buyer
(814) 226-1650

Fred Jordan, Receiver
(814) 226-2624

Materials Management Fax
(814) 226-1579

Appointment Hours

Sales representatives will be seen by appointment only. We will make every effort to provide suppliers with a prompt and courteous interview. We ask, however, that the interview be limited to 15 minutes. Interviews may be arranged by calling the person you wish to visit to set up an appointment. If you are uncertain who to contact, please call the main operator at 814-226-9500. Representatives without appointments may call at Materials Managment between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:00 pm on Wednesdays.

Pre-Visit Registration

Clarion Hospital is a VendorMate facility. All sales reps, drug reps, service techs, and any other vendor representatives are required to register in advance and provide all required documents. Your VendorMate membership will enable you to sign at our kiosk and print your badge. You enter the hospital through the main entrance and proceed to the VendorMate computer across from Patient Registration.

Once logged in, the system will verify your appointment, and print your badge It will include your name, company, date, and department(s) to be visited. You will only be permitted in that (those) department(s). Your visitor’s badge must be worn at all times while on Clarion Hospital premises. Visitors who do not display their VendorMate visitor’s badge will be invited to leave the facility and repeated violations may result in being barred from Clarion Hospital. At the end of your visit you must sign out.

Group Purchasing

We are a member of the HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG) and primarily use their contracts. We also belong to Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance (PMHA) and use their contracts which don’t conflict with HPG.

Equipment for Evaluation

Materials, including equipment on evaluation or loan, cannot be shipped to or left at Clarion Hospital without a purchase order. Clarion Hospital will not be liable for theft, damage, freight, or any other charges if this requirement is not met. The requirement for a PO does not apply to routine medical supply or drug samples. However, vendors must understand that Clarion Hospital does not provide compensation for samples.

Equipment for trial purposes cannot be brought into the hospital unless authorized by Materials Management. Commitments for purchase of equipment must comply with all conditions of our policy. A purchase order will be issued for documentation purposes with the trial period shown. All electrical equipment must be checked by Biomedical Engineering before being delivered to the user. The supplier is responsible for removal of equipment at the end of the trial period, or earlier if so advised by Materials Management. Note that Clarion Hospital does not have the capability to package or palletize large items.

Samples and/or Product Displays

All samples must be left with Materials Management, which will arrange for evaluation through our Product Review Committee prior to being provided to clinical departments for use. If a supplier wishes to demonstrate a product within the expected area of use, arrangements will be made at the discretion of Materials Management and the Department Manager involved.

Displays of commercial products will not be permitted within the hospital except for such education displays as may be approved by the Director of Materials Management.

Gifts and Gratuities

Employees will not accept gifts, entertainment or favors (other than promotional or advertising items of nominal value) from potential or current suppliers of more than $25 in value. The Clarion Hospital Code of Ethics should be consulted for more details. If a company’s normal practice is to bestow gifts of greater value, those gifts may be accepted and used as door prizes at the annual golf outing or holiday party. Cash donations to the Clarion Hospital Foundation are acceptable and preferred. The Foundation Director should be contacted at (814) 226-1257 for details. Employees are not obligated to any one supplier and are not permitted to complete any company transaction from which they may personally benefit.

Product Displays

Displays of commercial products will not be permitted within the hospital except for such education displays as may be approved by the Director of Materials Management.

Tax Exemption

Clarion Hospital is a Non-Profit Charitable Institution and, therefore, tax exempt. Our Pennsylvania tax exempt number is 75-443-382.

General Terms and Conditions

The printed terms and conditions printed on the bottom of our Purchase Order, plus any supplemental information in the body of our Purchase Order, is especially important to us. Should you disagree with any of these terms and conditions, please clearly express any exceptions to us in writing within 10 days of receipt of an order. If you do not, this will indicate your agreement to the specified terms and your acceptance of the Purchase Order.

Purchase Orders

No merchandise may be shipped, nor any service performed without an authorized Purchase Order number. In all instances, the Purchase Order number must appear on all shipments, delivery slips, and invoices.


You are allowed to dine in the hospital cafeteria and be charged visitor’s pricing.

Authority to Purchase

Clarion Hospital’s Materials Management Department is solely responsible to commit Clarion Hospital to all purchases with the exception of food items, pharmaceuticals, and advertising. All price offers are to be directed through the Materials Management Department. Only those quotations or bids sent or copied to Materials Management will be assured consideration. All purchase agreements must be coordinated through Materials Management and will be validated with a Purchase Order number. Individual departments do not have the authority to commit Clarion Hospital to any kind of purchase agreement. Any commitment or agreement made by a department without prior knowledge and approval from Materials Management is invalid and will not be recognized by Clarion Hospital. The hospital is not responsible for payment of goods or services obtained without a properly authorized order.

Authority to Sign Contracts

The Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or Director of Materials Management are the only individuals authorized to sign contracts, agreements, or letters of commitment on behalf of Clarion Hospital. Contracts, agreements, or letters of commitment signed by anyone else will be considered null and void and do not obligate Clarion Hospital.

Substitution of Goods

It is the policy of this institution to determine when to accept substitutions of any goods. Substitutions must be authorized by Materials Management prior to shipment.

Deliveries and Invoices

Items must be promptly delivered according to the established delivery date. All shipments will be identified by an authorized Purchase Order number and accompanied by a packing slip. Orders are to be shipped FOB Hospital or as otherwise agreed and must be accompanied by a packing slip. No C.O.D.’s are accepted. All deliveries must be made to the receiving dock between 8:00 am and 2:30 pm Monday through Friday, unless otherwise stipulated in the terms of the Purchase Order. Deliveries tendered at other times will be refused unless emergency delivery arrangements have been previously made with the Materials Management Department. Deliveries received without an approved Purchase Order may be returned at the discretion of Clarion Hospital.

Invoices shall be paid based on the Purchase Order following proof of receipt of goods. No orders can be paid without a supporting invoice which must show a valid Purchase Order number. Please note that our Materials Management and Accounts Payable (A/P) Departments are fully computerized. Your invoices will be matched against the Purchase Order entered in the computer. Please submit your invoices in the same line sequence in which the order was placed. This will assist our A/P staff and assure rapid payment of your invoice.


All correspondence relating to new contracts, quotations, request for testing products, prices, etc. must be directed to Materials Management.

Disaster Purchasing

When a designated person of the hospital has placed an order during a disaster with a vendor, permission to ship is implicitly granted. However, the vendor is requested not to invoice the hospital until confirmation has been authorized and signed by a member of Materials Management.


Parking at Clarion Hospital is limited. For the convenience of our patients and their families, we ask that you park in the front parking lot away from the building. Please do not park in designated handicapped (unless you possess the proper placard/license plate), physician, or visitor parking spots.

Attending Patient Procedures

You may be present for patient procedures only under the following conditions: with the prior consents of the facility, physician and patient; only to observe or provide technical advice concerning your products, and not to undertake any clinical responsibilities; and in accordance with our policies. While in the OR you must wear hospital laundered scrubs, OR attire (mask, cap, shoe cover, etc.) and your VendorMate name badge.

Tasks that may be delegated to you include

  • Providing information
  • Training and education on the use of your specific device or product.
  • Troubleshooting or providing operational guidance during the use of your device or product.
  • Gathering data and observing the performance of your device or product.

Activities That You Are Not Allowed to Do Include:

  • “Scrubbing In” as an instrument person or assistant.
  • Reaching into or across a sterile field.
  • Tying surgical gowns.
  • Adjusting lights or electrosurgical units.
  • Pouring fluids.
  • Operating sterilizers.
  • Opening sterile items.
  • Adjusting, manipulating, or touching anything attached to the patient or any other equipment delivering therapy.